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About the center

One of the most serious problems facing the entire world in the present day is the drugs. It is one of the most serious destructive plagues to human societies that shattered the ambitions and minds of younger generations and made them lose their balance in their lives, and a source  of concern that threatens the human being and working to destroy the entity of the family, and lead to  social disintegration and destabilize the pattern of the national economy and thus disturb the  security and order, and national security. Given those circumstances and developments and the current changes taking place worldwide in general, and the Gulf region in particular, it urges the member states to exert further efforts and take all appropriate legal and security measures , and utilize all its energies to deal with variables, regionally and internationally, through the promotion of joint efforts and international cooperation to confront and combat it to protect  our societies in the Gulf region.
Based on this sustainable quest of the Gulf states towards the integration of joint cooperation, and to achieve the directives and aspirations of our Leaders, may Allah to preserve the common interests and enjoyed by the GCC countries and their people security, stability and prosperity .
The establishment of  the GCC-CICCD was in 2007, and Doha of Qatar has been selected as  the headquarter, to form a strong impetus to the efforts in the fight against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances  and control of precursors and chemicals and all related criminal activities and reduce their spread in our Gulf societies, through improving performance and mechanisms of security works between the member states  to the levels of the challenges as well as the development of coordination, integration and interdependence among themselves and the competent  authorities in all fields.
God is the source of strength.
brigadier / Saqer Rashid Al – Meraikhi
Director , GCC-CICCD

The GCC-CICCD was established in 2007, and its Statue  approved  in 2009,  and has commenced operation since  in 2010 to realize  the desire and aspirations of the member states in upgrading their criminal  practices to save lives, general health and common interests . The GCC-CICCD being established in recognition of the serious problems resulting from the illicit  trafficking of drugs, and due to the worries of the member states about this problem, namely :United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, state of Qatar and state of Kuwait, its headquarters located in Doha, state of Qatar.

To accomplish the best competitive position regionally and internationally in the field of criminal information to combat the drugs.

To be pioneer in the accuracy of collecting and quality of the criminal information and unify the systems of  exchanging  the information among the GCC member states, and cooperate with regional and international organizations.

1. To coordinate the efforts exerted by the member states in combating drugs , psychotropic substances and chemical precursors.
2. To facilitate carrying of joint operations and investigations including the controlled delivery operations, and coordination with competent authorities in the member states.
3. To collect data related to illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances and chemical precursors, in addition to the storing, analyzing and organizing   exchange of information.
4. To strengthen  cooperation links between competent authorities  in the member states in the field of  combating organized crime relating to illicit trafficking in drugs, psychotropic substances and chemical precursors.
5. To assist competent authorities  in the member states  in the field of combating drugs, as well as to other countries or organizations whom the Center  has signed agreements or memorandums of understanding with  . Also assist countries whose lands  being misused for illicit trafficking or as transit passage for drugs , psychotropic substances or chemical precursors.
6. To assist in unifying  the systems of  information exchange, including the data-bases existing at  the competent authorities in the member states.
7. To assist in qualifying the legal and organizational framework  relating to control of drugs in the member states.
8. To conduct analytical studies relating to the drug-problem in the member states, and in the region as well, and set forth suitable recommendations in this concern.
9. To cooperate with regional and international organizations.
10. To develop and qualify the manpower working in the competent authorities.